We are a Husband and Wife photography team  working in Vestfold and we're all about how much fun it is to be in love and work together.  We form a powerful team with positive checks and balances.  My Husband has a background in California landscapes and Portrait Photography.  While I come from a European Fashion and Portrait world, giving us a fusion of classic and modern styles.  Our differences cause each of us to further our vision, and our strengths compliment our achievements. We couldn't be happier doing what we're doing. We offer engagement, bridal, wedding shoots and baby photography. So if you are looking for a unique combination of photography styles with a personal touch, then feel free to contact us to learn more about what we can offer you!

We are proud to say we use only Nikon Camera's and have back ups for our back ups. Our lenses cover every spectrum from 10mm to 500mm.  We have not cut corners on lens quality and have purchased the top of the line highest Fstop lenses allowing us to get the softest of natural light.  We prefer natural light to all else but can take our portable lighting system's almost anywhere.


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